About Us

Founders of Traverse Design, Will and Summer Chapman received inspiration for their Brand from living a life on the go and making global connections with artisans.

 Summer and Will were married in 2016, and after a year started to pursue their goal of travel and helping others. In their first year of marriage they took up missionary work in South America and the surrounding mountainous area.

 Upon their return to Houston Texas they purchased a 1985 Airstream trailer and used recycled materials to completely remodel it. Only three months after finishing the Airstream, Hurricane Harvey struck the United States. Feeling it was the right direction they spent the next year helping others get back into their homes working full time as volunteers. The joy and memories made cannot be replaced.

 Experiencing a life on the go and making connections with special people inspired them to build a company that created quality products made by real people. Products that would be as tough and beautiful as life is. Products that would last long enough to tell the story of your adventures. After several years of planning and design, they are happy to release Traverse Design, which offers artisan made quality products.